Premium Fraser Fir Christmas Trees

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Premium Christmas Trees : Premium Fraser Fir 8/9ft

Premium Fraser Fir 8/9ft

Price: £95.00
Premium Christmas Trees : Premium Fraser Fir 7/8ft

Premium Fraser Fir 7/8ft

Price: £85.00
Premium Christmas Trees : Premium Fraser Fir 6/7ft

Premium Fraser Fir 6/7ft

Price: £70.00
Premium Christmas Trees : Premium Fraser Fir 5/6ft

Premium Fraser Fir 5/6ft

Price: £55.00

A great alternative to the Nordmann Fir, the Fraser Fir Christmas tree is the most popular Christmas tree in the USA.  It is a beautifully shaped Christmas tree, with deep green fine needles and an alluring fragrance. Fraser Fir trees have good needle retention and should remain fresh with most of its needles until after Christmas.
Our Fraser Fir Christmas trees are available in three sizes:
  • 125-150cm (4-5ft)
  • 150-175cm (5-6ft)
  • 175-200cm (6-7ft)
The Fraser Fir is a narrower Christmas tree that is Ideal for those wanting a slightly slimmer tree for a small space or the corner of a room. The deep fragrance makes a home feel all the more festive and is enhanced by a wonderful warm Christmas fire. The Fraser Fir is a very lightweight Christmas tree, and easy to handle and put up.

Our Fraser fir trees are grown in a very special Christmas tree plantation in Scotland it really is a unique place. Only the best trees are cut each year meaning that each and every tree is superb.
Our Christmas trees are measured from the bottom of the trunk to the tip of the tree. All of our Cut Christmas Trees will require a stand. Christmas trees are natural products and as such sizes may vary by up to 6 inches.