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Premium Christmas Trees : Luxury Noble Fir Foliage Bundle

Luxury Noble Fir Foliage Bundle

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Fancy having a go and making your own decorations this Christmas? Our dense Noble Fir foliage is perfect for making your own Christmas wreaths, garlands or any other decoration you have in mind.  With a delightful Christmassy scent, this is a great way to indulge your creative side this Christmas. 

Our foliage is specially sourced, and grown especially for this purpose. Unlike a lot of Christmas foliage, ours is not cut from damaged trees. Our Christmas foliage is designed for use in making Christmas decorations, and is used by many florists to make the wreaths you see in garden centres.

If you are feeling creative, you can make your Christmas wreath or Christmas garland, create your own colour scheme and add any decorations you like. There are lots of places to buy decorations such as dried fruit, cinnamon sticks and ribbons, just try your local market and make a day of it! Maybe even have a party while you are at it.

Our Christmas foliage bundles are in 3 kg bundles with approximately 4/5 large branches.

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