Why Buy a Real Tree?

Many people have the dilemma of whether to buy a real or artificial Christmas tree.  Whilst you probably think that we are likely to be a little biased when it comes to this, we believe real Christmas trees are the only way to make your Christmas magic for a number of reasons.

They look and smell absolutely superb, nothing can beat the sight touch and fragrance of a fresh Christmas tree

For every tree cut down at Christmas time, there will be at least two planted, ensuring that nature retains the benefits of having trees and plants in the ground

Research (Ellipso 2009) suggests that they are actually better for the environment.  A study in North America compared the carbon impact of a regular artificial Christmas tree and a real Christmas tree, taking into account the raw materials, production, transport from the originating point to the customer and the number of years they can be used for surprisingly the real Christmas tree came out with the better results and has less of an effect on the environment. So much so, that you would have to keep your artificial Christmas tree for about 20 years in order for it to have a lower carbon impact than having a real Christmas tree every year.

So there you have it,  now if you agree with us then why not browse our Christmas trees?

your christmas all wrapped up