Packaging & Delivery

Your order of wholesale Christmas trees will be delivered from either our northern base, or southern distribution centre. This system provides Premium Christmas Trees with good coverage to supply customers throughout the UK, with an emphasis on wholesale Christmas trees in Lancashire and Yorkshire, as well as wholesale Christmas trees in London and the south east.

Our real Christmas trees are all delivered in nets and on pallets. This enables efficient distribution and transport of the trees from the field to the customer.

In order to provide the best value possible, we prefer to deal in full pallets, however if you have a requirement for a smaller order, or a mixed order we can accommodate this.

The pallets are approximately 8 feet tall, and 8 feet by 4 feet in dimension at the base. They will weigh between 1 and 1.5 tonnes.  For this reason, you may need a forklift to unload them. If you do not have a fork lift, and the prospect of unloading your Christmas trees by hand does not appeal, we are also able to offer delivery on a vehicle which has itís own forklift. The driver will unload the pallet and place wherever you like, providing it is safe to do so.

We will endeavour to deliver your order on your preferred delivery date, British weather permitting.  In order to make sure this happens, it often helps if we have various contact details, and all relevant information beforehand, just so we know who to contact and keep up to date with progress.

To ensure your trees remain fresh, it is important that you unload them from the pallets within 48 hours of their delivery.

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your christmas all wrapped up