Christmas Tree Care

Here is the question we are always asked…how can I keep my Christmas tree fresh for Christmas? 

When you have bought your lovely Christmas tree and it has arrived, we would like to help you keep it looking as fresh as possible for as long as possible. Think of a real Christmas tree like a bunch of flowers – it may be a little bigger but they are a natural product and should be treated like one. All of our Christmas trees are cut as late as possible so you can be assured that they are as fresh as they can be. We also keep them stood in water until they are ready to be packaged and dispatch, ensuring that our Christmas trees are amongst the freshest ones around. With one of our Premium Christmas trees and our Christmas tree care tips, you can be sure you will have a perfect tree for Christmas.

  • If your Christmas tree is not to be decorated right away, try to keep it stood up outdoors, and if possible with the trunk submerged in water. You will be amazed how much they can drink.
  • Before the Christmas tree is brought indoors, try to cut about 2 cm off the trunk of the tree. This will help the Christmas tree take a well-deserved drink throughout the festive period.
  • Choose a location for your Christmas tree that is away from direct heat sources (radiators, fires etc) and draughts.  This will stop the Christmas tree drying out faster.
  • Keep the water topped up everyday; you will be amazed how much a Christmas tree will drink!
Follow these Christmas tree care tips and your tree should look fantastic until well after Christmas. 

Remember, trees are a natural product, and as such no matter how well you treat some of them, they will still dry out. If this is the case contact us immediately and we will replace it right away.

your christmas all wrapped up