Christmas Trees – A Year Round Job?

You may not believe it but Christmas trees is a year round job.  The summer months should bring some dry weather which means  we have to make sure our pot grown trees get enough water, with as much as possible being from the rain.

The trees go through their growth spurt where the nice dark green branches you normally see grow buds which ‘flush’ into new growth. This happens on all of the outer branches and on the top of the tree where it will grow a new ‘leader’ and top ring branches. Christmas trees will generally grow about 12 inches (30 cm) each year once they are established.  This means it can take up to 9 years for a normal six foot tall tree to reach the perfect height!

Once the trees have grown we have to start selecting which ones to harvest. We generally choose the best trees although we need to make sure we keep some back so we can be sure to keep our customers happy next year too.

As well as looking after the trees, we also start our preparations for the season. We have ordered in our hessian so we can make some sacks, and are on the lookout for festive ribbon. If you know where we can find some, please do get in touch!

That’s all for now…..we are always happy to answer any questions, or help out with any enquiries so please do get in touch, we love to hear from all of our customers.

All the best,

Team Christmas Tree
“Your Christmas All Wrapped Up”

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