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So what do you get if you mix 318 bags of compost, 7 tonnes of sand, 4 bags of compost and a lot of hard work?

Well over the May bank holiday we put this to test and planted over 1,800 pot grown Christmas trees.  
We pride ourselves on doing almost all of the work by hand. 
We make the mixture and mix it using our cutting edge technique of moving and folding the sheet. Once mixed, every seedling is carefully planted, ensuring it is centered in the pot and that the roots are spread out. They are then transported to the field where they are watered to give them the very best chance of taking root quickly.
It is a real family affair with us all mucking in, with help from relatives, girlfriends and friends. It is hard work but they come back every year and we celebrate the end of the day with a hard earned take away!
We planted our normal range of Nordmann fir and fraser fir trees. Each year we like to try something a little differentso we have experimented with a small number of specialist seedlings for pot grown trees, and some Blue Spruce for the first time.
When will they be ready you ask? Each variety is different but with some care and attention these will be ready in somewhere between 2 and three years. Donít worry, you can buy some that we made earlier through the website.

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